Property Valuation Services in Richmond, Surrey, London and Hampshire

Samuels Surveyors is an independent firm based in Richmond, Surrey who provides property valuation and building survey services throughout London. We offer comprehensive services and professional advice to all our clients; including private buyers, house owners and property developers.

With over 10 years’ experience of property valuation in Hampshire, Surrey and London we have forged extensive connections in the real estate and construction industries and are proud to claim no affiliations with banks or building societies. We enjoy focusing solely on our clients building surveying needs and requirements, working compatibly alongside other industry professionals.

Offering valuations for property across Surrey and Hampshire is the core of our business. There is an array of different property valuation services that we cover including such things as valuation for purchase, valuation for sale and also valuation for capital gain and inheritance tax.

There are many different reasons for needing a building survey service. A lot of property in London has been previously built in an unusual manner or has possibly aged badly over time. These factors are taken in to account when going through the property valuation procedure so we offer a detailed examination of the building and give you the advice on what the cost of repair might be if needed.

If you are looking to undertake building works such as: a single storey extension, loft or roof extension or basement conversion then you may need to serve a party wall notice on your neighbours. At Samuels we are trained party wall surveyors and can assist you in all aspects from notices and schedules of condition to drawing up party wall agreements and awards.

To see how Samuel Surveyors & Valuers could help you, why not give us a call on 020 7043 1376 or visit our Richmond office today.
  • Graham Ford RIBA ARB
    Thank you for helping me on this complex project. You helped both my client and myself by resolving the party wall in a very professional and efficient manner. This saved me time and money as I did not have to get involved. It saved my client time and money as the Party Wall was resolved so construction could commence as quickly as possible. The neighbour was very anxious about the project and you managed to negotiate with him, remove his fears and anxieties and ensure that there were no delays in getting his Party Wall surveyor to sign the documents. I would not hesitate in using you again and I will recommend you to my future clients and other architects.
    Graham Ford RIBA ARB
    Graham Ford + Architects
  • Martin Booth
    Renovating a house is a process fraught with stress, uncertainty and potential pitfalls. The home-owner has to rely on a host of tradespeople and professional experts. I count myself very fortunate that, when it came to the requirement to draw up Party Wall agreements with the neighbours on either side of our new property, I was strongly advised to use Richard Jackaman of Samuels Surveyors. Throughout the process Richard was pro-active, calm and utterly professional. He went the extra mile on more than one occasion when the parameters of the job, and the requiremnets of the agreements, changed. I am very grateful to Richard for his assistance, I am delighted to be able to express that gratitude in the form of this testimonial - and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others and in using his services again.
    Martin Booth
    LeBoo Media

We have over 10 years’ experience providing a wide range of property services

Here at Samuel Surveyors & Valuers we don’t just offer a building survey and property valuation service. Building owners in London now have to serve under the party wall agreement if they wish to undertake any work that classes as excavating on the boundary of their adjoining owners. If this applies to you then Samuels can assist you with your party wall notice and help you to agree and serve the award correctly.

To see how Samuel Surveyors & Valuers could help you, why not give us a call on 020 7043 1376 or visit our Richmond or Fulham office today.