Planned Maintenance

From refurbishment works such as replacing kitchens and bathrooms and upgrading windows and doors to maintenance such as roofing repairs, rewiring and heating system servicing, we can plan out any maintenance and help identify what works need doing in your building.

Planned Maintenance is a way of identifying internal and external repairs of blocks of flats and converted properties in advance. This is done through surveying the properties to identify and address issues and areas for repair. By using a planned maintenance programme the disruption can be kept to a minimum for lease and freeholders in the building.

We can provide a specification of works based on the results of our survey and this specification can then be sent to contractors for tender to get quotes for the costs of carrying out the works. As well as preparing the specification we can also survey the work and make sure it is carried out in line with the building specification.

Where extensive work may be required we can provide a 5 year planned maintenance programme to help building owners budget for future works more easily. This allows service charge projections to be calculated so that sinking funds can be accurately set up to even out those large payments for extensive building work.

At Samuels we have over 10 years’ experience providing our customers with a top class service. We are RICS registered surveyors and valuers and offer a full range of services.

If you’re looking for help setting up a planned maintenance programme for your building then get in touch with us today on 020 7043 1376 and we’ll be happy to help.