Expert Witness Services

Samuels Surveyors can be used for expert witness services by a court in legal matters. The expertise of a chartered surveyor is often utilised to help resolve legal disputes involving property.

An Expert Witness can be anyone with knowledge of or experience in a particular field which provides information and knowledge to assist a court in a matter which is outside the usual knowledge of the court.

In the event that a building dispute, party wall matter or other issue pertaining to property is taken to Court, an expert witness may be required to provide an impartial inspection and analysis of the disputed subject, to aid the Court in making an appropriate ruling.

What does a Surveyor do when acting as an Expert Witness?

A surveyor will carry out a visit to the property at the centre of the dispute and collect all the information we can find about the matter. These findings, relating to both sides of the issue, are compiled into a report that follows the requirements of Practice Direction 35, carefully detailing their opinion and making clear any issues that fall outside of our expertise, or where there has been insufficient information to make a judgement.

An Expert Witness In Surveying

There are various situations where the expert witness will need to be a surveyor. Usually, these will involve a dispute over property. Surveyors are commonly called as expert witnesses in matrimonial disputes and party wall matters that reach the court.

A building surveyor may be called in as a witness to give their valuation of a property, or to give a professional account of the condition of a building.

Samuels Surveyors providing expert advice

With litigation on the rise it is imperative that property professionals are able to provide in depth advice on contentious valuation and legal matters. Samuels Surveyors have years of valuable experience across all aspects of the Residential Property Market which enable them to provide expert advice.

This knowledge, combined with an understanding of the requirements when acting as an expert witness, provide for a thorough appraisal of any situation of which the firm has experience.

Can a Surveyor help me to win my case?

It is expected that the professional information provided to the judge will assist in their ruling. However, we are obliged to give a full and unbiased opinion of the matter and cannot leave relevant information undisclosed for the benefit of either party.

At Samuels Surveyors & Valuers, our highly experienced professionals can assist with any expert witness requirements relating to property. Call us today on 020 7043 1376 to speak with a London-based RICS chartered surveyor directly about our Expert Witness Service.