Specific Defects Reports

Specific Defect Reports are used to identify and concentrate on an area of concern that has either been noticed by the owner of a property or been brought up as part of a survey.

A Specific Defect Report is used to investigate a failing in the structure of a building such as: cracking and distortion of walls, unevenness in floors and damp or rotting timbers.

Our surveyors regularly carry out Specific Defect Reports for customers throughout Surrey and London and these help to highlight any potential problems that may exist with a property. The report includes a detailed analysis of the issue, specification for repair and estimated costs for the work.

While the initial inspection may be sufficient for our surveyors to be reasonably certain of the cause and significance of a defect, in some cases further investigation may be needed. This may include: some opening-up of the structure, removal of finishes, uncovering of floors and lifting up floorboards. These investigations can be arranged and supervised by our surveyors and we’d encourage either the owner or prospective buyer to attend the property to get a clear indication of the problem.

Some of the common defects we inspect as part of a Specific Defect Report:

  • Cracks and wall distortions
  • Dampness in buildings
  • Defects from extension or conversion
  • Chimney defects

Our Specific Defect Reports can either focus on individual parts of the building’s structure or can be more general to look at issues such as condition of mortar pointing, roof coverings and damp or timber defects. As well as highlighting potential costs for repair work at Samuels we can supervise any repair work on behalf of the property owner.

To find out more about our Specific Defect Reports in Surrey give us a call today on 020 7043 1376 and we’ll be happy to help.