Schedules of Condition

The function of a Schedule of Condition is normally to record the condition of a property and it can take many forms including verbal description, photographs, video as well as written documentation.

A Schedule of Condition provides a basis for negotiation for any sums payable by a tenant at the end of a term to settle a landlord’s claim for damages for dilapidations.

A Schedule of Condition is normally prepared for legal or contractual reasons and they can be prepared for residential or commercial buildings. As well as being used for leases there are a variety of other instances where a Schedule of Condition should be prepared that include construction and party walls.

For building and refurbishment work that is going to take place on the party wall then a Schedule of Condition can be used as evidence of the condition of the neighbouring property prior to work being carried out. This will help prevent against potential claims from neighbours who may only notice defects in their property once construction begins.

At Samuels Surveyors we can help prepare and set out a Schedule of Condition for all types of property for leases, construction and party wall agreements. These can then be used as a benchmark which will help assess the condition of a property either after works are completed or at the end of a tenancy.

What is included in a Schedule of Condition?

  • Details of the location and property being assessed
  • General description of the construction of the property
  • Time, date and weather conditions
  • Aspects included in the inspection
  • Drawings of the property
  • A written schedule setting out the location, nature and condition
  • Photographs and video

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