Party Wall Notices and Agreements

Making sure you serve the right notices to your neighbours, and obtaining the agreements needed, is essential in order to begin work on schedule and to avoid costly delays.

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 made it compulsory for building owners to serve notices on their neighbours (adjoining owners) for any works which would take place on or affect the party wall of the properties. The notice that needs to be served is known as a party wall notice and depending on the scope of the work there are several types of notice that may be necessary.

If you are looking to undertake building works such as: a single storey extension, loft or roof extension or basement conversion then you may need to serve a party wall notice on your neighbours. The 3 types of notices that need to be served are: Section 6: Notice for excavations within 3 or 6 meters, Section 3: notice cutting into a party wall and Section 1: Notice for building a wall adjacent to or astride a boundary.

At Samuels Surveyors we are trained party wall surveyors and can assist you in all aspects from notices and schedules of condition to drawing up party wall agreements and awards.

Looking for a Party Wall Surveyor in London or Surrey Areas?

Samuels Surveyors will provide you with a professional Party Wall Surveyor in all of the London and Surrey area, guiding you and your project through the party wall process. We can prepare Service of Notices, Schedules of Conditions and Party Wall Awards.

Why do I need to hire an RICS surveyor?

Another common situation that building owners face is when a neighbour serves a party wall notice which gives 2 weeks to appoint a surveyor. At this stage it’s important to pick a party wall surveyor who will work on your behalf but will still have to be impartial as arbitrators. If you fail to appoint your own surveyor your neighbour can appoint a surveyor on your behalf.

Party walls are complicated and in order to ensure you are complying with the rules of the Act it is important to appoint party wall surveyors who understand the full rules governing the Act. At Samuels we have over 10 years’ of experience providing party wall agreements and serving awards and can give you the professional advice you need.

To speak with an expert today give Samuels a call on 020 7043 1376, we’re based in West London and Surrey and serve London as well as other areas including Hampshire.


On instruction a Party Wall Surveyor can:

  • Prevent legal disputes
  • Avoid delays
  • Receive expert advice
  • Survey property condition prior to works

Shared projects that require party wall matters:

  • Rear and Side Extensions
  • Loft Conversions
  • Basement Extensions
  • New builds and refurbishments
  • Wall Removals
  • Internal Alterations
  • Subsidence and Underpinning

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