Other Services

Apart from providing a Party Wall service, assorted Property Surveys and Property Valuations, Samuels Surveyors can also provide you with other services from Planned Maintenance, Defect Reports to Schedule of Dilapidations.

As RICS chartered surveyors we are able to help provide Planned Maintenance programs for blocks of flats and converted properties. These can be complicated schedules of works, sometimes over a fair period of time, and we can provide the clarity needed for the residents' committee or the Managing Agents to assist in identifying internal and external repairs of in advance to help minimise cost and disruption to the residents.

Samuels Surveyors are also experts at producing Schedule of Dilapidations if you have tenants about to move out and the state of the property needs to be recorded and damage done highlighted. We can also put together Snagging List surveys at the point where major work on a property is about to complete.

Specific Defect Reports

A Specific Defect Report is used to identify and concentrate on an area of concern that has either been noticed by the owner of a property or been brought up as part of a survey. The report is used to investigate a failing in the structure of a building such as: cracking and distortion of walls, unevenness in floors and damp or rotting timbers.

Schedules of Condition

A Schedule of Condition is normally prepared for legal or contractual reasons and they can be prepared for residential or commercial buildings. As well as being used for leases there are a variety of other instances where a Schedule of Condition should be prepared that include construction and party walls.

Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance is a way of identifying internal and external repairs of blocks of flats and converted properties in advance. By using a planned maintenance programme the disruption can be kept to a minimum for lease and freeholders in the building.

Snagging List Surveys

Snagging lists are the result of a snagging survey and are used to identify any defects or repairs that need to be made to a new build property or a property following refurbishment work. The aim is to spot minor issues right through to major structural problems.

Schedule of Dilapidation

A Schedule of Dilapidation is set up to record any damage that has occurred during the lease of a property to a tenant. The purpose of the Schedule of Dilapidation is to identify breaches of covenant that usually relate to: disrepair, decoration and reinstatement.

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