Property Valuations in Richmond, Surrey, London and Hampshire

Samuels Surveyors offer a wide range of Property Valuation Services to give you an accurate market valuation.

At Samuels we have over 10 years’ experience providing a property valuation service and are RICS chartered surveyors. Based in Richmond we cover the whole of Surrey as well as East and Central London. Whether you need a property valuation for accounting purposes, capital gains tax, insurance purposes or for a sale or purchase, at Samuels we can help.

Our Selection of Valuation Reports

We prepare residential Valuation Reports for a variety of purposes, for example Probate, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Matrimonial and Open Market Valuations. The Valuation Report provides a brief overview of the property and is prepared in accordance with RICS Valuation – Professional Standards (the ‘Red Book’).

In cases such as matrimonial disputes we are able to act for one party individually, or on a joint basis for both parties, reporting to the Court where applicable when providing Expert advice. We are also able to produce retrospective Valuation Reports which may be necessary for tax purposes or possibly for individual clients’ own personal requirements.

Our wide range of Valuation Services available from our RICS Surveyors

Whether you are looking for a property valuation or need a comprehensive building survey at Samuels we can provide the service you’re looking for. We focus on giving our clients market leading advice that goes far beyond simply reporting a value. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best independent advice to help support their decisions.

  • Market Valuation
    If you are thinking of purchasing a property or just want an up to date valuation of your property then Samuels can help. A Market Valuation will still consider the condition of the property but investigations are limited.
  • Shared Ownership Staircasing
    You have to get a shared ownership valuation when you are either selling your property or staircasing, which is buying a larger share in it.
    Your housing association stipulates that you must RICS Valuation to determine how much the next share will cost you (staircasing) or what price your property is worth if you were to sell.
  • Help to Buy Valuations
    You may have been asked to provide a valuation report. This type of valuation needs to be carried out by a surveyor who is registered with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
  • Right to Buy Valuations
    If you thinking of purchasing your council house, it is recommended to have an independent RICS valuation to see how much you can save by purchasing the house.
  • Probate and Inheritance Tax Valuations
    The purpose of a probate valuation is simple. It is to ascertain the valuation of the estate left behind by the deceased. This serves two purposes:-
    1. Enables the executor to deem whether there is sufficient value in the estate to cover the liabilities left by the departed
    2. It allows it to be known how much (if any) inheritance tax should be paid
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  • Capital Gains Tax
    If you own a property (or a share in a property) aside from your home, and it increases in value, when you sell it, you will have to pay tax on the gain. This is calculated by valuing the property at the time you bought it and at the time you sell it. We can help you make sure these valuations (including retrospective valuations) are accurate so that you pay the correct amount of tax, and no more.
  • Matrimonial/Divorce Settlement Valuations
    Regardless of whether there is dispute between the parties, it is necessary for the property to be professionally valued before it is divided up. Usually, a chartered surveyor will be appointed by both parties; however, if they cannot agree on one, then a surveyor will be appointed by a court. The surveyor may be required to produce an independent valuation report for the court. This may be in respect of the matrimonial house and/or other shared property. The court will use the surveyor’s valuation to achieve a fair division of assets in the matrimonial dispute.
  • Insurance/Reinstatement Cost Assessments
    It is extremely important that you insure your home to cover the costs of rebuilding or repairing in the event of a claim. In the worst case for instance a fire means your house may need to be completely rebuilt, or it may be just your roof that suffers storm damage. The rebuild costs of a property do not relate to the Market Value so you need to be certain that the cover is sufficient. A property in the least expensive part of Cornwall will cost the same to rebuild as one in the most expensive part of the county.

    Under insurance may affect the amount an insurer will pay out and it may not cover the full cost. We will visit your property and prepare a Reinstatement Valuation taking into account the construction, size and standard of items such as bathrooms and kitchens.

    We also take into account external areas including paths, patios, walls and outbuildings as well private drainage systems.

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  • Expert Witness
    Expert witness services (otherwise known as the use of a professional witness or judicial expert) are when a witness is used to help resolve legal matters by virtue of their education, experience and specialised knowledge in a certain area. A witness will be called in to give their expert opinion on a certain piece of evidence or a fact. They may also deliver expert evidence about facts from the domain of their expertise. This evidence is then put into the context of the entire case, allowing the judge or jury to arrive at a more informed conclusion.

    It is not uncommon for different experts to give different opinions. It is, after all, an opinion. The opinion given should be objective and impartial. There are various situations where the expert witness will need to be a surveyor. Usually, these will involve a dispute over property. Surveyors are commonly called as expert witnesses in matrimonial disputes and party wall matters that reach the court.

    A building surveyor may be called in as a witness to give their valuation of a property, or to give a professional account of the condition of a building.

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